Turning Japanese: DQ bar video

We got the news that a Dragon Quest bar called Luida’s Pub was coming about a month ago. It opened three days ago and since then I’m sure it has been jam packed with Japanese people trying all the DQ themed food and admiring the walls full toys and statues. While I was expecting more of a fast foody flair to the whole thing it looks like Luida’s Pub is rocking it classy style.

Most of the video is an interview I can’t understand, but I bet he’s saying things like “We’re trying to offer some high quality food with the DQ theme that all Japanese love,” or “What is really great about Luida’s Pub is that you can get great food and eat it in a upscale atmosphere.” Interspersed between the talking are shots of some familiarly styled food and enough Slime related stuff to make you wonder just what the little fellows can’t be made out of.

Live From The Dragon Quest Bar [GEMAGA]

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