Turn Home into Helghan by preordering Killzone 2

At least, if you preorder through Amazon. The online retailer has partnered with Sony to offer downloadable Killzone costumes for PlayStation Home. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

With costume parts for the head, torso, legs, hands and feet, the preorder code will allow you to dress up your Home avatar to look like either an ISA soldier or a Helghast assault trooper. You can also mix the pieces up with others, so I expect to see a lot of Helghast with boobs when the game and codes ship in February. 

I’m personally pretty excited for Killzone 2, despite finding the original rather mediocre. Hopefully the hype won’t murder the sequel like it did the last game, and the PS3 will get a really excellent shooter. 

Helghast won’t make Home any better though.

Jim Sterling