Trent Reznor is BIASED against the PS3!

Nine Inch Nails musician and artistic freedom fighter Trent Reznor has been sharing his opinions on the game industry, and judging by his comments, he’s going to end up on the hit list of many a PS3 fanboy. Claiming outright that he likes the strategies behind the Xbox 360 and Wii, Reznor has criticized Sony’s handling of the Black Box o’ Blu-ray, especially the announcement of the Sony Wiimote.

“I like what I’m seeing from Xbox where they’re providing a place to get indie games and you don’t have to hack your system or fight updates to get those games on it,” he explains. “Being honest, I’m not a huge fan of Sony. Their entire strategy behind the PlayStation is to focus on gaming as an experience last and getting a Blu-ray player in your living room comes first. Now, three years later they’re trying to release a motion controller that’s a little bit better than the Wii’s.”

Reznor admits that he’s a “big Nintendo fan” so make of that what you will. He’s basically said everything that PS3 fanboys rage against, and I’m wondering how many times he’s been called “biased” or a “troll” by insane fourteen-year-olds since he made that comment. 

Although I prefer the PS3 system, I totally agree with Reznor’s criticisms of Sony, especially the “me-too” motion controller nonsense. At least Natal is trying to be a little different. The Sony Wiimote is pure shamelessness. Anyway, I now open the floor to the angered PS3 fans, many of whom will choose to simply attack Reznor’s music rather than address his arguments.

[Check out Joystiq’s interview with The Rez. It’s quite cool.]

Jim Sterling