Trek to Yomi brings old-school bloodshed to Switch next week

trek to yomi switch port release date

Lady Switchblood

Devolver Digital has announced that its vengeance-fueled samurai slasher Trek to Yomi will be released on Nintendo Switch Monday, January 30, following on from its previous appearance on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox in the summer of 2022.

Developed by Flying Wild Hog, Trek to Yomi is a love letter to the bloodthirsty-but-stoic samurai epics of yore, and tells the tale of a young swordsman who sets out on a pilgrimage to the titular town, with the aim of confronting the ancient master who razed his village to the ground. Featuring intensely violent side-scrolling action, Trek to Yomi attempts to capture the balletic carnage and aesthetic violence of the many movies that poured out of Toei Studios between the ’60s and ’70s

Unfortunately on launch, Trek to Yomi didn’t quite receive the smash hit reviews one might have hoped, but it was universally praised for its presentation style, great soundtrack, and fine, if unremarkable gameplay. For fans of the samurai genre, Trek to Yomi is still more than worth picking up, and remains a fine example of a modern-day, Edo-era release — alongside fantastic titles such as FromSoftware’s  Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima.

Trek to Yomi launches January 30 on Nintendo Switch. It is available now on PLayStation, PC, and Xbox.

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