Transformers: The Game details revealed

It was impossible to miss the gigantic Optimus Prime statue that marked Activision’s booth at E3 2006. I stomped through a sea of sweaty nerds, pushing conservatively dressed booth babes to the ground, just so I could snap a crappy cell phone picture of Optimus.

But unfortunately, until now, little information had been revealed about the game, based on the upcoming Michael Bay film.

IGN has revealed the first information on Transformers: The Game. Developed by Traveler’s Tales (best known for their work on the Lego Star Wars series), the game will hit the PC and all major consoles this Summer.

Confirmed are playable Autobots including Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and Ironhide. Weighing in to represent the Decepticons will be Megatron and my man, Starscream. The game will be broken up into two campaigns — the Autobot campaign will follow the storyline of the film, with the Decepticon campaign branching off and following its own path towards Earth’s domination. Expect the next-gen staple of fully destructible environments (wreckage can be used as weapons!) and the ability to transform between vehicle and robot mode at any time.

While Lego Star Wars is universally lauded as a stellar game, let’s not forget that the last game they were responsible for was Bionicle Heroes, a game that also featured transforming robots. In case you slept on that one, let me get you up to speed — it was a bland, ugly mess. Let’s hope Traveler’s Tales were just testing the robot-action-combat waters in preparation for their next big title.

We’ll know soon enough; the game will be playable at the American International Toy Fair in NYC, this coming week.

A PSP and DS versions of Transformers: The Game will also be available, developed by Savage Entertainment and Vicarious Visions, respectively.

Nick Chester