Trailer for Crystal Chronicles: Attack of the Stupid Title

The original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on Nintendo’s Gamecube was met with mixed reviews from fans. While some applauded it, a vast majority found Square Enix’s adventure game to be a big pile of sugary lizard spunk. That hasn’t kept the Final Fantasy powerhouse from pressing onward, first with a DS sequel, now with a brand new console version in the works. Due for the Wii is the abhorrently named Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, and you can view the trailer right here.

As far as actual gameplay footage goes, we’re shown very little. About two second’s worth of it, in fact, but it looks like this will still be a damn pretty Wii game. That said, I’m not convinced this is making the most of the hardware, which surprises me, being from Square Enix. It looks firmly like a PlayStation 2 title, and we all know the Wii can do better than that. Well … we’re led to believe it can. 

That aside, I’m looking forward to seeing what Square Enix can bring to the Wii. Here’s hoping it’s a fun, original game on a system that really, really needs more of them.  

[Thanks to BlindsideDork] 

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