Topware claims Two Worlds II is completely finished

How strange. Despite Southpeak claiming that Two Worlds II was being delayed for “heavyweight” quality testing, Topware Interactive has instead stated that the game, including all testing, was finished in September. According to managing director James Seaman, the delay was merely to avoid the crowded holidays.

“Truth be told, fans only have so much time to spend playing these content-rich games, and there were concerns our title could potentially be lost in the fanfare,” he says. “Our publishing partner SouthPeak, to their credit, has acknowledged this fact and made an adjustment, postponing their launch of Two Worlds II into early 2011.”

Seaman has explicitly said that Southpeak’s QA claims were “factually incorrect” and insists that there will be no difference between the European and North American releases, contrary to what the publisher led us to believe. 

So, there’s an awkward situation. It’s somewhat likely at this stage that Southpeak “embellished” its earlier statements in order to dissuade customers from importing or pirating the European version. Let’s face it though … was there that many people who just couldn’t wait for Two Worlds II that they’d rush to the import stores?

If this wasn’t a mistake, it would probably be best to make sure everyone’s in on the fib before you start telling it to everybody.

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Jim Sterling