Top ten Xbox Live NFL teams revealed

How many of you out there are closet football fans? You try to rep hardcore nerd, but every Sunday you sneak away from the videogames and watch football for 4-10 hours straight. You make fun of all those “Madden gamers,” but you know you’re looking forward to seeing how good your team is every year. Don’t you lie to me, I know you’re out there. For you I bring news like this, so that you may know that you are not alone. There are other nerds just like you who love sports and they too find it interesting which NFL teams are the most popular on Xbox Live to download jerseys for.

Major Nelson released the top ten teams, and surprise, surprise, everyone’s bandwagon favorite, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are on top. Not too many other shockers on the list, which you can read after the jump, but seeing every other NFC East team in the top ten aside from my Redskins makes my heart churn. You just wait 30-40 years for Daniel Snyder to die and a decent owner to come into town, and then we’ll show all of you! And Dallas in third place!? Come on people, have some standards. Hammer is not pleased on this Hammer Day.

Update: I misread the story. These are the most popular jersey’s for Avatars on Live. Post corrected, but most of what I said still stands as Dallas sucks no matter what.)

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