Tipsy Prinny Night 08: Hands-on with Puchi Puchi Virus

Puchi Puchi Virus is a very cute and simple little puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. In Puchi Puchi Virus, it’s your job to heal the animal patients by linking up three of the same colored viruses in a triangular pattern. You will use the stylus to press a colored virus and then press two other viruses of the same color in a triangular figure. After you have made a triangle, simply press one of the viruses that were just used to form the triangle to destroy the chain.

Making triangles is easy, but you have to be quick to destroy them. If a virus is pressed but not destroyed, it will harden and stay on the board. The only way to destroy the hardened virus is by forming a triangle over it with other viruses. If too many viruses harden on the board, it could become problematic to form triangles with live viruses.

When you form one triangle set, you can form another one that crosses over into the first triangle set to perform combos. If your triangle is large enough to encompass other triangle patterns, the game will automatically chain the viruses underneath the first triangle set.

Every time you make one triangle set, your patents sickness will decrease. For every 50 triangle sets you get, you will get a pill that you can use to destroy hardened viruses. For every 50 sets you get, your pill will upgrade so long as you don’t use it.

And that’s pretty much all there is to Puchi Puchi Virus. There will be various stages and game modes packed along with the game when it’s released next month. Sure, the game sounds very simple, but it is very challenging. Not once was I able to last long enough to heal my patient. The game seems to speed up very early on so it gets harder and harder to create triangles before the virus hardens. The game is pretty fun, but I can see myself losing my temper very easily here. 

Hamza Aziz