Tiny Avengers aspires to be an official Marvel product

Devil’s Dare artist returns to his roots

Devil’s Dare is a fun horror-styled beat ’em up. Have you played it? It’s pretty great, even though I make a brief cameo towards the beginning. Contrary to how it may sometimes seem, I don’t actually ruin everything I’m in. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. 

Raymond Teo, creator of Devil’s Dare, is right a lot more often than that. He has a long history of producing original work and fan art, all of which is wonderful. His mock-ups for Ghostbusters and Avengers games are particularly awesome.

That’s part of why I’m so confident that Tiny Avengers would be a hit. Raymond and programmer Laurent Victorino threw together a demo for the project in 37 hours, and it’s already got more charm than most official licensed games. You can learn more abot the project and check out the demo here, If you like it, be sure to tell Marvel through email, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other method you feel is right. That might help them to make this dream game a reality. 

Jonathan Holmes
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