Throw things at other things: Boom Blox Bash Party trailer

I’ve gotten quite a lot of crap for choosing Electronic Arts Boom Blox as the best Wii game of 2008 for the Spike Video Game Awards. But I’m not going to apologize — I truly thought it was the most fun use of the motion control mechanics release last year. For me, it may have been the most fun of the year … period. (Also, it won the award; blame me!)

So I’m excited about the sequel, Boom Blox Bash Party, despite the fact that it looks like more of the same. In this new trailer, the announcer notes there are 400 new levels, new toys, and new characters. That’s a lot of new without there actually being anything “new,” eh? That doesn’t mean I’m not going to run out and buy it day one, even in the face of the fact that the announcer also calls last year’s game a “bloxbuster.” Seriously. 

The trailer is after the jump, so get to clicking to check it out. Boom Blox Bash Party is set for a release sometime this spring.

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