Three new Spore games announced for the Wii, DS and PC

2009 looks to be the year of Spore. On top of the expansion pack coming out, three new Spore titles are on the way for the Wii, DS and PC.

Spore Hero is going to be the much talked about Wii version of Spore. The game takes place on one planet and is more of a story driven game compared to its counterpart. Players will need to forge alliances, battle other creatures and utizlie motion controls to play through the game. 

Spore Hero Arena is the new DS Spore game and this one is more focused on battling. The creatures will all be in 3D, which is pretty impressive for the DS, and players can fight each other over Wi-Fi or local play. There will be puzzles and challenges for players to complete, but the main focus is to become the Galactic Champion.

Both Spore Hero games will be out this Fall. Hit the jump to find out all about the new Spore PC title aimed at the youngins.

Spore is a very community driven game, so it’s no surprise that Maxis received a lot of feedback on the game. One of the main sources of feedback were from parents that wanted a Spore that their kids could play. That’s where Spore Creature Keeper (working title) comes in.

Basically, imagine all of those stupid baby games that have been coming out as of late. Spore Creature Keeper is going to be like that, except not stupid. The game is aimed at the youngins who want to get into Spore, but can’t get as heavily involved into the game. Creature Keeper will be a standalone title, meaning you won’t need to own the original Spore to play the game. You can still import any and all creatures made in Spore and bring them over to Creature Keeper, as well as still getting to make your own creatures within the game.

Creature Keeper is more about bonding with your creations. You’ll have to nurture your creatures, help develop their personalities, give them toys such as balls and play with them. Your creature will live in a little house that you can customize and you can have play dates with other Spore players online. 

That’s all there is to know for now. Expect Spore Creature Keeper sometime this Summer. 

Hamza Aziz