Three new Perfect Dark XBLA gameplay vids

You’ve been itching to get your hands on Perfect Dark for XBLA haven’t you? You’re just dying to see what the full levels look like in 60 fps and hi-def visuals. The game doesn’t land until this Wednesday though! What to do‽ What to do‽ There’s no way you’re going to make it!

Just settle down. Video.Destructoid has you covered. We’ve just put up three levels from the upcoming release and you can see just how smoothly the game runs through all of them. I’m getting nostalgia flashbacks already and I’m only a minute into the first video. Oh, old school night vision goggles that simply turned everything green and black. Actually, that is all modern night vision goggles in games do too.

I was actually on the fence about buying this since I’ve got the N64 hooked up to my TV and can play any time, but seeing the run-throughs of these levels has pushed me over to downloading time. Come on Wednesday, get here sooner.

Matthew Razak