Three new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 vids to drool over

A few days ago we got the news from gamescom that both Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu had officially joined the line up for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Fast forward to now and we have the first official gameplay of the two combatants. Above you can see Joe take on a variety of opponents including Dead Pool, which might be the greatest one-liner match ever, and below you can see Dormammu battle it out in generic flaming skull mode.

Not that big a fan of Dormammu.

I am a big fan of how this game is looking, however. Few fighting games look like they’d be a blast to just mash button in (that’s what I do), but MvC3 most definitely does. I’m sure I’ll get my ass handed to me at the next NARP, but it’s going to look so good that I won’t care.

There’s one more vid after the jump. It’s a surprise what is in it… no really, though.

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