Three new gameplay trailers for Madballs in Babo Invasion

Madballs in Babo Invasion is an upcoming XBLA title where you’ll be playing as murderous disgusting looking ball demon things. I brought you a preview of for Madballs yesterday and it’s actually a pretty fun game. It’s promising to be one of the deepest experiences on XBLA thanks to all the features that developer Playbrains has put into it.

While previews are nice, videos are always better and we have three videos for Madballs for you all to check out. Find out what Invasion and Avatar Attack mode are all about and see just how hectic battles can get after the break.

This trailer shows you how Invasion mode works. Both teams put down their tiles and their bases before the match and the game will generate the map instantly. Then each team has to destroy the other team’s base.

This just shows off a few battles from the skirmish and CTF mode. One thing I didn’t mention in my preview yesterday was that you have two viewing objects you can switch between. You can have the camera follow you in a third person view or switch to an over the top camera view.

And this is the mode that everyone has been talking about. It’s the game’s Avatar Attack mode. Avatars are converted into a rolling head of doom and can go after other Avatar heads.

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