Three cheers! Battlefield 3 multiplayer to be shown at E3

Yes, yes — the single-player portion of Battlefield 3 is looking slick from a visual standpoint. But what of that oh-so-good multiplayer many of us would rather be told about? As expected, it’ll be shown off at E3 2011, in addition to more of the campaign.

On the Battlefield blog, DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson also commented on what won’t be at the show: the “co-op campaign, the introduction of Team Death Match mode and the Battlefield 3 Battlelog web destination — featuring powerful social tools, feeds and detailed player stats.”

“Battlelog also lets you manage your friends lists, squad up, create platoons, use voice chat and follow your friends’ progress in real-time, and more.” Oh, and it’s going to be free. I see what you did there, DICE.

[Thanks, Charles]

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