Threadless gaming pack winners announced!

Let me tell you, it takes quite a while to read 343 haikus. But I did that this morning, and it was a total riot. Choosing only two winners out of all that was ridiculously difficult, and I had to end up making a separate document with all the ones I liked best and narrowing it down. In the end though, my heart was truly captured (meaning I laughed my ass off) after these two fine compositions:

Games have taught me lots
Grand Theft Auto made me start
F*ck first, then kill hoes.

And also:

Starcraft II dev here
Will add LAN support in game
For free Threadless shirt

The two users that composed these were ElectroLemon and IUseValtrax. Congrats, guys! We’ll be emailing you soon for sizes and mailing addresses. In the meantime, if you’re still in a shirt winning mood, there’s a new contest going up today for five of those spiffy Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles shirts. Go try your hand at winning one!

Colette Bennett