THQ celebrates Halloween

Damn, THQ goes all out on Halloween. Well, some of its employees do for the annual Halloween contest. While not strictly gaming related (which is a little odd considering this is a gaming company) it is Halloween today so we thought we would share. Of course the man who brought this to our attention, THQ employee Ryan Arnold, went as Frank from Dead Rising (you can see him below), but sadly he did not win, claiming that the non-gaming judges didn’t get his costume.

You can check out all the costumes here, but images of the winners are below. The doctor with no eyes got scariest, while the guy with the beard and the iPod dock go funniest (I think I’m missing something). The girl dressed up as Pink Floyd won Most Creative and Harley Quinn-esque lady got Least Likely to Be Taken Home to Mother. The Best Overall Costume was the fellow dressed up like the Operation board game and the clown, green thing and nerdy old man got honorable mentions. No word on what they won for their hard costume work, but I’d guess it was a lifetime supply of wrestling games.

I preemptively apologize for not recognizing some totally obvious costume from some totally awesome anime/movie/videogame/book/etc.

[Thanks, Thomas A.]

Matthew Razak