This Week in the Community: Tasty hamsters

possumwrangler has one of the best gaming collections I’ve featured on the Community Highlights. Words can’t describe how big of a collection possum has. Over 1,000 games, tons of consoles, one badass spreadsheet program and just so much more. Check out the entire collection over on possum’s C Blog.

Mxyzptlk eats hamsters, Mikey is amazing, the Miami NARP was recapped, Tubatic loves Podtoid, we have the best ads, ekoala2002 made an awesome custom figure and plenty more happened over the last two weeks within the Community.

Don’t let Mxyzptlk near your hamsters.

The forum guys have been having some fun with anonymous Internet chat logs.

It’s business time. Oh yeah, it’s business time.

SuitcoatAvenger shares some of his art

snotrocket is making Castle Crashers costumes. The animal orbs look awesome!

goodgamer77 gave us a recap of the Miami NARP he and his buddy attended. goodgamer77 actually won the replica Nintendo World Championship 1991 cartridge!

FAILCAST episode 37 with guest power-glove and FAILCAST episode 38 with guest CrocBox

Furnimus won some sweet prizes!

pendelton21 gave us a recap and pictures from Wonderfest 2009

Dtoider NukaCola has shared with us some of his drumming videogame covers. Expect most if not all to be featured on Weekend D for the next few weeks.

Zoel gave us an update on her Dtoid RPG project.

Here’s a list full of lies from SilverDragon1979. These things never happen. Ever.

Dtoid community discusses level designs with guests GBreaux, Ok_Abacus, Aborto thefetus and RonBurgandy2010. 

Tubatic loves himself some Podtoid.

Cloud-1409 shares with us his animation skills. 

Results of win thanks to the trading section on the Forums. 

Funktastic’s goal of owning everything ever made that’s videogame related continues on. Jesus. 

We always have the best ads.

michiyoyoshiku went to Anime Boston 09 and snapped up a ton of pics.

Hi perri! Your banner is pretty cool!

bahs gave us an update on his Unofficial Dtoid trading card game. He then gave us a detailed look at some of the rules for the game.

Conrad Zimmerman talks about his shirts, videogame magazines and more in his latest vlog.

Our gal on the inside over at Bioware (and member of the Chad Concelmo fan club) has given us an early look at the E3 demo people will be seeing at E3 next week.

And our guy on the inside over at Atlus had a new blog up this past week with all of Destructoid’s questions answered in regards to Crimson Gem Saga. Thanks, Clayton!

Mikey is just too amazing. Check out this awesome thread over on the Forums where Mikey draws the next scene based on the next reply.

Isay Isay brother is a TV commercial star!

ekoala2002 made this awesome custom Chibi Robo figure.

Hey, look at what johpan made! DDR meets Plants vs. Zombies.

Highlights end with some footage from the Houston last minute NARP. 

Happy birthday wishes go out to EternalPlayer, SuitcoatAvenger, pendelton21, Mr. T, Orcist, power-glove, DJDuffy, Keener31, Tazartheyoot, Funktastic

Hamza Aziz