This Week in the Community: SimToid

Today’s gaming setup belongs to Zoel. Zoel is a giant import collector and he has a ton of import games. He even has an imported Sega Saturn! Zoel also loves all things RPG as you can tell by all of the photos from his blog.

Wry Guy gave showed us how to be better at Goozexing, Brian Keljore created SimToid, Necros is in for some trouble at PAX, Dead Movie Star’s new game is out and plenty more happened in the community this past week.

Here’s SnakeDude4Life’s unlockable costumes. Really clever.

Garison showed Dtoiders in their natural habitat. 

Here’s who won the Papa Burch photoshop contest!

Wry Guy gave us a few more tips when it comes to being a pro at Goozex. 

bloodylip created the best custom joystick ever made. 

Brian Keljore made Dtoiders PsychoSoldier, Naia-the-gamer, Kaciesaurus, CrocBox, BunnyRabbit2 and Jonathan Ross in Sims 3. He then went on to molest these Dtoider Sims for the past week. Also, Kaciesaurus is an alcoholic.

Tronjoy did some Destructoid anagrams.

Conrad Zimmerman latest video blog sees him talking about moving and loving nice packages. 
Refused Classification podcast, episode seven.
Poor, poor, poor Necros
SuitcoatAvenger draws some Uncharted
Wilbo goes on a mighty adventure
The sequel to Dead Movie Star’s last game. 
BioToid episode 3 features profiles on Tazarthayoot, Garison and Sentry.
ekoala2002 showed off his latest custom action figure based on Wario.
Happy birthday wishes go out to Musai

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