This Week in the Community: Shark Week!

Today’s setup belongs to bovine. He’s got a great assortment of consoles, four awesome Castle Crashers figures and plenty of games for all of his consoles. He also has the Virtual Boy which has probably given him eye cancer by now. Check out bovine’s setup over on his C Blog.

dTunes is born again, Mikey took a huge art dump, some upcoming NARPs are on the way, Krow is going on a Pokemon adventure with the Community and plenty more happened this past week during Shark Week!

The latest episode of Backwards Compatible guest starred me! Yes, I was on the Podcast and we honor of shark week. We also made a ton of dick jokes.

RonBurgandy2010’s dTunes is back in a new way! Each week, a special guest from the Community will be taking over hosting duties and share with us their favorite bands and music. 

Mikey has been doing a lot of art as of late and shared with us a bunch of his drawings. Check out the pieces he made for the editors, random videogame characters and a ton of Pokemon drawings.

GrumpyTurtle made some more doodles! The next chapter in the Professor Layton mystery was also drawn out.

Faith made some more awesome game beads. 

mistic recapped his huge NintendoNARP he hosted a little while ago. mistic goes all out when it comes to hosting NARPs! The next big EURONARP is happening the same weekend as PAX too and is a great alternative for Euro peeps that can’t make it to the States. 

Check out sickNasty’s comedy performance. He has some videogame stuff in there too!

The Eurogamer Expo is happening in October and Anus Mcphanus is planning on going. Who else from the UK will be joining Anus?

In honor of Shark Week, Zen Albatross made an 8-bit version of the Singing Shark.

SuitcoatAvenger has been on a drawing spree! Check out his Blanka, Balrog, Fallout 3 and Zangief pieces. 

All of the versions of Mr. Destructoid as made by JACK of No Trades. 

Krow has taken it upon himself to highlight all of the Monthly Musing C Blogs over on the Forums. He’s keeping track of all the ones that are made and updating the list as new ones are posted. 

Drunkcast episode 3 with guests Kryptinite, Itemforty and Butmac.

masterledz wasn’t a fan of the Turtles in Time remake. 

Refused Classification Podcast Episode 10: Vagina. Vagina. Vagina. Vagina.

Cadtalfryn drew some Podtoid fanart!

DtoidNewEngland is hitting up the GameUnicon on August 21 to the 23. Hit up the C Blog for more details.

Check out Togail’s latest piece of work based on World of Warcraft.

DtoidNewYork is having a NARP on August 21 and Joe Burling and AngelsDontBurn will be making an appearance.

Ashley Davis shares more of her super cute kawaii drawings. 

DtoidSanFrancisco is meeting up in Japantown on August 16 to check out New People.

More Podtoid fanart. This time by KoKoO Psy. 

Highlights end with Krow chronicling his adventures through Pokemon and naming his Pokemon creatures after Community members at Destructoid!

Happy birthday wishes to Stella “Aiya” Wong, Redface, ZekeThePlumber, FWhipple, The Captain, Electro Lemon, Frank, Dead with numbers and Danzflor.

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