This Week in the Community: ‘My bum’

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

Anthony Burch, in a Phallus Knife Fight production: The Chocolate Taco. This video is based on a joke from one of the HAWPcast episodes which I have no idea if it’s really funny because I haven’t listened to it and may never will because ANTHONY BURCH IS A JERKFACE!

Togail draws, megaStryke guest starred on a Internet Web series, the C blogs have new features, Funktastic has over 1,000 games now and plenty more happened in the community over the past two weeks.

Check out Falciase’s Hunter Halloween costume.

Happy wishes go out to Usedtabe as he and his wife had a daughter last week.

Togail shares some more of his fantastic artwork.

Dtoider megaStryke guest starred in the new episode of Video Game Confessions.

Failcast episode 52 with guest Tampon Tears and episode 53 with guest Uncle Milkshake. 

Thymine made this beautiful Katamari Damacy art!

Drunkcast episode 14 with guest WalkYourPath and episode 15 with guest Storyr

The community blogs have new features! You can now PM people on the front page and the C Blog layout has changed with better comment tracking. What do you all think?

Here’s the third episode of Let’s Cybercast.

There’s a whole thread for Podtoid techno remixes and the latest remix stars Jim Sterling. It’s called “My Bum.

RetroforceGO! episode 92 in video form

DtoidSanFrancisco’s latest gathering was filled with fun times!

Funktastic now has over 1,000 games. Funk is a god among men, as Kauza stated. 

Anus Mcphanus went crazy at a Sony party.

Check out these Forza 3 skins designed by Topher Cantler.

kitae works on Mass Effect 2 and she wants to know what you would like to see in future Mass Effect 2 trailers.

Refused Classification, the community podcast by Aussie Dtoiders, episode 17.

DestructoidArtisans has some holiday gifts you may be interested in giving to loved ones!

Macarratti shared some of his artwork with us.

Slique made Mega Man on his wall. Nice!

Check out the new Steamtoid Steam group for Dtoiders!

blurryphoenix had a very videogame related Christmas celebration.


Happy birthday wishes to Samit Sarkar (seriously), .Tiff, Zen Albatross, SilverDragon1979, Wardrox, theredpepperofdoom and zombielifecoach.

Hamza Aziz