This Week in the Community: Follow your dreams

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

This week’s gaming collection belongs to Dr Light ate your Magicite. He’s got a bit of everything from a ton of different platforms and a really cute cat! He also has some nice rare stuff like the complete edition of Chrono Trigger. Check out his Community Blog for more pictures of his setup.

A PAX recap will be hitting later this week. In the mean time, here’s some stuff that happened over the last two weeks in the Community. Electro Lemon made a HTML Widget, SWPM’s true identity was revealed, two games about Brad Nicholson were made, two songs about Samit Sarkar were made, you can now display your PSN/Steam/ info on your sidebar and more can be found after the break.

Luke Barnard is selling some of his HAWP and Podtoid related fan art!

A Very Drunk Panda made this Mr. Destructoid Spy mask.

SuitcoatAvenger brings about more of his awesome artwork with this Mega Man and Sagat. He also drew this awesome image of Brad Nicholson

Check out these custom Team Fortress 2 kicks made by P-Dude.

Togail shares some of his art with us. Togail also got #57 of the Become shirts.

GamingGoddess also shows off her artwork!

Drunkcast episode 7 with guests Keener, King3vbo and Excremento.

Mr Spooky has a Dreamcast that looks like Mr. Destructoid!

A Destructoid premium section? What do you think? Like or dislike the idea?

Failcast episode 48 with guest Hoygeit.

Electro Lemon made a Destructoid HTML Widget for all to use! EVERYONE THANK LEMON!

snoogans775 made a song for the Destructoid Cursed Mountain contest.


Krow discovered who Scary Womanizing Pig Mask really is!

KoKoO Psy made a game about Chet where you play as Chet and kill Samit!

Dead Moive Star also made a game about Chet!

Here’s some awesome art by garganroo.

And now, here’s some pictures of Anthony and Ashly Burch!

Backwards Compatible episode 24 is about PAX! THIS EPISODE IS LAME!!!

Dtoider Maya “bushofghosts” Kramer had pixel queen Faith make this pixel bead version of CyberneticTigerZ as a gift to me! SO AWESOME!

atheistium responded to Anthony’s rant about sexy heroins.

Dale North made this muscical tribute to Double Down Brown Town, Samit Sarkar.

Super Mega Hyper also made a song about Samit! So much Samit love!

And here’s a song about Brad “Chet” Nicholoson.

GamingGoddess sang a song about Tifa Lockheart. What should she sing next?

Refused Classification episode 12 with Ali D. 

bluemeep got Become shirt #100.

Analoge has organized Dtoid Memphis. He’s holding a party on October 1!

Hey look! Community blog sidebars now feature PSN IDs as well as Steam, and DtoidPlayXpert IDs! SW33T!

Chad Nicholson.

Attention United Kingdom Dtoiders! pheonix-blood has created an e-mailer for all UK Dtoiders. Hit her up so you can join the e-mailer!

Oh hey, it’s peacock and gamble on our Forums!

Happy birthday wishes go out to unangbangkay, Adam Dork, DanGale, ItemForty and HammerShark.

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