This Week in the Community: Beedog Space Temple

This week’s gaming setup belongs to Spajk. It’s a pretty simple setup, but very clean and neatly organized. He has a nice collection of games and I’m digging the consoles with his computer setup arrangement. Check out Spajk’s blog for more pictures of his setup

The A.M.M.O. soundtrack is out, everything on Wikipedia is true, Brad Nicholson is a man’s man, the EuroNARP 2 was pretty epic and more awesome happened in the community this past week. 

robotbebop thinks Jim is blatantly inferior to JOURNALISM!

Antwhan has a Destructoid “Believe” shirt. Did you get a “Believe” shirt? Blog about it!

Haxan has a new gig over at beloved toy culture site, Tomopop.

VGMari’s collection of retro consoles continues to grow!

Backwards Compatible episode 25: Skeleton Crew Edition.

mistic recapped the awesome EuroNARP 2 that happened a couple of weeks back over in Europe!

Faith made this cute Scribblenauts figure out of beads.

Speaking of Scribblenauts, DaedHead8 got a speeding ticket because of Scribblenauts

The soundtrack for Agent Moo: Maximum Overdeath by I KILL PXLS has finally been released. The soundtrack was made by GuitarAtomik and features seven awesome songs.

Isay Isay has been a proud daddy for a full year now. Yay!

ImpossiblePlant is back and brought some sweet art with her to show off. Check out her custom faceplates and Munny figures!

billyib stopped by to show off his nice Mr. Destructoid fan art piece.

Everything on Wikipedia about Jim Sterling is completely true

More Scribblenauts love from this community by way of garganroo’s art.

shadowsinthenyte showed off her custom Metroid hats.

An audio tribute to Brad Nicholson.

Various (and awesome) Podtoid fan art

Some of the HAWP DVD menus you guys have created look pretty damn good!

Jim Sterling techno remix

Highlights end with the latest episode of Drunkcast

Happy birthday wishes go out to Grrlaction, aborto thefetus, Guncannon, Trevkor, Tactix, Poopface Morty, DanGale, Dan Paladin, ItemForty, Chad Concelmo, Wasteland Traveler and Samit Sarkar.

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