This Week in the Community: Australian maniacs

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

Today’s gaming setup comes in video form Mr Dillinger. Within the first 35 seconds you’ll figure out that Mr Dillinger is absolutely crazy, which is a good thing.

Tubatic got a Mr. Destructoid bobblehead, craineum loves to build, DtoidNewEngland likes to have fun, #SamitSarkar, the completed games list of 2009 is completed and more happened in the community over the last couple of weeks.

Mikey made Scary Womanizing Pig Mask some awesome art!

Tubatic got himself a Mr. Destructoid bobblehead. Did you?

Animucast episode 3.

SilverDragon1979 updated his 12 days of Destructoid Christmas song. It’s so festive!

321gofcast is a new community podcast! Check out the second episode and third episode.

Anonymouse <3s Destructoid.

Monthly Musecast needs some community members for a new community powered Podcast! Check it out.

Friends are awesome!

Christmas wishes of happy times from Paul Soth.

Craineum’s latest protect involved giving his tree a Darkside makeover!

Here’s a recap of all the fun times DtoidNewEngland had this past year.

Here are most of the Dtoid editors on the covers of their favorite games as done by GamesAreArt.

ErbilT had some good times with DtoidSanFrancisco.

Art? In your weekly community highlights?! How unheard of! … Here’s some awesome by SuitcoatAvenger.

Oh, Samit.

Half left has a wall full of Dtoid love.

Jack Maverick gives us some art!

Beedog fanart for great justice.

Hey look! A bunch of free stuff!

Here’s a collection of all the techno remixes.

#goddammitsamitplayportal (He finally started playing Portal, finally.)

FalconReaper celebrates his one year anniversary with Dtoid.

BFeld13 is going to PAX. Oh, GOD!

Highlights end with the completed games list of 2009. Necros busted his ass on this and it’s so long, it’s in two blogs!

Happy birthday wishes go out to YaMissed2, Jim Sterling, bunnyrabbit2, Solgrim, ChillyBilly, Jesus Christ, Garison and Bfeld13.

Hamza Aziz