This Skate 2 video has more walking than actual skating

Not being able to walk in the original Skate was a major pain in the ass, but as evidenced in the video above, EA Black Box is more than making up for it in Skate 2.

Not only will you be able to maneuver freely on foot, you’ll also have the ability to abort unsuccessful tricks by kicking off your board (at people!) and landing flat on the ground. Perhaps this means I can finally quit my anger management classes.

Even better, Skate 2 has movable in-game objects which will hopefully provide for potentially hilarious results when it comes down to watching replays.

Although the game isn’t due out until next year and there’s obviously plenty more to see content-wise, I feel like the first Skate was a strong enough starting point that Skate 2 won’t need very many improvements to be another hit. Still, that’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome them; I would, and you probably would too.

Jordan Devore
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