This Painkiller: Resurrection trailer is sorta hilarious

Oh, would you look at that classy fire backdrop. Painkiller: Resurrection is clearly a quality product, guys.

*Cue hilariously over-the-top scream followed by absurd, screen-filling blood splatter*

I can’t quite tell if this was supposed to be a funny trailer or not. Unintentional humor is often the best kind, though. To celebrate Painkiller: Resurrection going gold — the first-person shooter is out for PC on the 27th — JoWooD Productions kindly shared this piece of visual tomfoolery with us.

Seeing as how this video was the first footage I have even seen of the game, and how it tended to show stuff that, uh, looks almost exactly like prior Painkiller games, I’m not too hopeful here. For these Doom-like games to work, you at least need new enemies, new weapons, and lots of them.

Otherwise, they simply get boring quick.

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