This is what makes The Witcher: Enhanced Edition ‘enhanced’

CD Projekt’s action RPG The Witcher was the subject of pretty solid acclaim when it released last year. Based on the fantasy book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher put players into the shoes of amnesiac monster hunter Geralt, and presented plenty of long-running consequences depending on various choices made hours earlier in the game. Everything wasn’t all sunshine and roses, though, as the game suffered from various technical problems such as long loading times.

These problems, although somewhat addressed in patches, are promised to be completely fixed in the upcoming The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Aside from the technical fixes, visual improvements, over 5000 lines of re-written and re-recorded dialogue, more than 200 new dialogue animations, an enhanced inventory, and improved combat responsiveness are also among the promised improvements we can expect to see in the Enhanced Edition.

Several more bonuses will also be packed in with the Enhanced Edition. There will be two brand new adventures, an adventure editor, a multilingual disk for people that want to listen to the spoken dialogue in different languages, the Official Soundtrack CD, a Music Inspired by The Witcher CD, an official game guide, The Witcher short story by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Making-of DVD with behind-the-scenes video footage, and a map of The Witcher’s world.

That sounds like one hell of a bargain for $50, and I don’t about you, but I’m definitely going to be picking up the Enhanced Edition when it comes out this September.

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