This is real life: KFC and Mountain Dew are selling a box o' chicken-filled game controller (price update)


Fried chicken finger grease and controllers unite

"Every day we stray further from God." -Dzousa

Not to be outdone by yesterday's bizarre Atari bluetooth baseball cap, KFC and Mountain Dew have teamed up to sell you a Bluetooth-enabled actual box of chicken that doubles as a game controller. I swear I'm not making this up, there's video proof below!

The "Gamer's Box 2.0" comes with a big-ass can of soda on top that, once removed, serves as a cell phone holder, and there's a game joystick sticking out of either side. It's exactly like a DIY chicken-filled Switch. Just like the Switch, you can't find this anywhere or buy it. It's only in India. 

If you're perplexed about how you get your chicken out while you game, don't worry: They've got this shit computed. They've inceptioned a box of chicken within the box of chicken, so it's more of a force field for the noticeably smaller chicken vessel inside. It's too bad there's not a hand-crank so you can blend your Mountain Dew and lukewarm chicken together into a neon caffeinated poultry broth to suck through a meaty straw while you game, never ever taking your hands off Muffin Knight. Maybe we'll get that in 3.0.

Here's a lucky man's unboxing from BGR. There's audio in English, skip forward a little.

Note: You must be near Asia to watch this, or use this handy proxy a user posted:

Who is this for? Maybe if you don't have a Bluetooth controller for your phone and also want a greasy smelly box to store things in? More importantly, why do I sort of want this? It's so stupid and unnecessary and silly, yet if someone walked into my house with that I'd feel like the only virgin in Kentucky. 

We have no idea if this is coming stateside or what it costs. However, as some readers pointed out in the comments the controller shown is the iPega PG-9023 which retails for about $30 on Amazon. That puts this Gamer Box priced at about $34-37 (maybe) if sold if America. Puzzlingly enough, Amazon India prices this controller closer to $68 dollars (~4,400.00 rupees) alone. Can you imagine paying $75 for this meal? You'd have to be a chickin' baller. 

Not much else is known, though I found a vague terms of use on their promotions page. This is not the first time KFC India has made a gadget though: They also briefly sold a box a chicken that charged cell phones just in case Rohan asks you out on a date. We do know it doesn't come with a micro-usb cable, so you'll have to hang yourself afterwards with something else.

What they need is a chicken box that folds out into an inflatable mattress so I can pass out after I throw down at KFC. It's a finger-licking tranquilizer.

Bonus fun fact! There are more calories in a 12oz can of mountain dew than there are in a fried chicken drumstick. It's much healthier to eat the actual cardboard box instead. Soak in whiskey for best results.

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