This Hades mod adds Apollo to the game’s roster of gods

Meet Apollo, the god of music

Hades is one of my favorite games of all time. It was my go-to game at the start of the pandemic, and after all was said and done I think I put close to 400 hours into that bad boy. I have played and replayed Hades to death, so anything new to help switch it up is a welcome change. Enter Apollo — the Greek god of music who was left off of the game’s original lineup, but has since been added to the game by way of a mod thanks to AlexKage’s project, OlympusExtra, which was originally spotted by ResetEra.

The mod adds Apollo to the game as if he were just like any of the other gods, including Boons (solo and duo), a Keepsake, a Wrath (you know, the environmental attack the gods spring on you when you’re in a two-Boon chamber), and of course, plenty of dialogue. An artist named Reikiix did Apollo’s portrait, which honestly looks so good you can’t tell that it wasn’t part of the base game.

Apollo’s specialty is a blinding effect, which makes enemies more likely to miss their attacks. I can imagine that would go really well with Aphrodite or Athena’s Boons if you want to go for a low-damage or even no-hit run. There are already some videos out there of modders playing with the Apollo mod, so those might be worth checking out if you want to see what he can do to help Zagreus escape the Underworld.

OlympusExtra is still in its early stages — not only will Apollo’s inclusion of the game be more built out in the future with some more voice lines and duo Boons on the way, but other gods will also be added to the mix, including Hera, Hestia, and Hephaestus. Hades has fostered a huge cult following since its release in 2020, and it’s great to see the modding community getting in on the action.

Noelle Warner
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