This guy and that guy are back for another MadWorld announcers trailer

After having played a little bit of MadWorld at NY Comic Con last week, I have to say that my interest remains high.

Pulled in by the violent, over-the-top premise, I was fearful it would be a repetitive button-mashing waggle-fest. 10 minutes of gameplay proved that my fears were warranted … lots of button-mashing, and lots of waggling. The good news, is wasn’t necessarily a bad thing — MadWorld looks like it’ll have enough variety in terms of attack animations and creative deaths that it won’t much matter. 

This second “sports desk” trailer shows off some that. Put a barrel over a dude’s head, impale the barrel with a street sign, toss the barrel onto a wall of spikes. Easy as pie. I’m hoping to be as easily amused when I pop MadWorld in my Wii next month.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

Nick Chester