Third party Wii Balance Board rears its costly head

Third-party peripheral manufacturers never miss a trick, which is why I’m surprised that we haven’t seen a whole bunch of knock-off Balance Boards yet. Regardless, here’s one for you if you just can’t get enough of front-room-surfboard action, the Njoy G-Board.

Costing a princely £64.99 (about $128 US), the G-Board’s selling point is that it cuts out the middle man of Wii Fit by actually doubling as fully functional scales. Now you don’t need to rely on the voices inside Shigeru Miyamoto’s head telling you that you’re fat. Interestingly enough, the image found on Amazon is mere concept art, leading me to wonder whether this thing actually exists, or if we’re expected to give Njoy sixty five quid just for having the idea of putting a little set of scales into a big white sheet of plastic. 

I love third party manufacturers.

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