Think you can design a decent XBLA game? Here’s your chance

Have you ever downloaded an Xbox Live Arcade game trial only to find out that the game was a major waste of time that wasn’t even worth the hard drive space it took up? You probably thought to yourself, “I can make a better game than this … this piece of sh*t abomination.” Well, Doritos and Microsoft have a new contest that will see if you really can design a good XBLA game – but there are some rules of course:

Doritos-inspired video game ideas can be submitted at between June 21 and July 29, 2007.  Submissions must describe an original idea for a Doritos-inspired video game in no more than 500 words along with any other original elements or components gamers would like to have considered as part of their entry, to help describe, depict or illustrate the original idea.

Five finalists will be chosen to work with Live Arcade development teams to create playable versions of their game. On top of that, these finalists will also get a $6000 goodie bag filled with swag. Then, in late October, we’ll all have the opportunity to try out these games for ourselves and vote on our favorite entry. The winning game will be announced in November and will eventually be released on Xbox Live Arcade for free sometime next summer.

Hit the jump to find my game idea for the contest.

My game can be thought of as an adaptation of the movie, The Birds. The inspiration for this idea came from my trip to a nearby lake a few days ago:

There I was, just minding my own business, eating some chips, when all of a sudden a flock of seagulls got right up next to me and started getting into the food I had brought for a picnic. So, I threw some chips to get them to leave me alone and got the hell out of there before I was attacked by a bunch of birds. Crisis averted; that could’ve been an embarrassing wound story.

My faux game would have the player using Doritos to deter flocks of hungry birds. What happens when you fail to collect more ammunition? You get your eyes plucked out in a scene of disgustingly realistic gore — I can only hope that my game won’t get an AO rating slapped onto it.

Oh, and since adding the full press release to this post would make it as long as a Rev. Anthony feature, I’m just going to link to it.


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