Things you really need to own: the Braid soundtrack

I’m a sucker for great game music, and while I certainly noticed that the music for XBLA game Braid was lovely while I was playing it, I found the content of the game itself so absorbing that the music gracefully blended into the background. Now that I’ve fully explored Braid and it’s slipped out of my daily consciousness a little, returning to the score on its own was much more impactful. Luckily, it’s now for sale, so you can go and download or pick up a hard copy if you like. There are remixes too!

What’s cool is that you can set the price you’d like to pay for the album (pricing starts at $5 and runs up to $18). I’m sure the folks that put this together appreciate it no matter what you donate. The music is truly thought provoking and beautiful, and if you enjoy that sort of thing, I can’t recommend this enough — I’ve been listening to it all morning in a state of semi-bliss!

[Via Joystiq]

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