They warned us, but the Nintendo eShop is down today

Nintendo eShop is down

‘Please see our Network Status page for the latest updates’

Nintendo told everyone this would happen, and with three Switch models mixing around, it’s no surprise that the Nintendo eShop is down.

In a completely expected turn of events given the last few years (and really, many years back), pretty much everything having to do with the eShop is down at the moment. That includes things from downloading games to buying new ones. The traffic jam started early in the US hours this Christmas morning. Comparatively, I’m able to access Xbox Live and the PSN today, but given how popular the Switch has been, it makes sense that the eShop would be hit the most.

Here’s the full statement from Nintendo:

“We are aware that players are experiencing errors accessing Nintendo eShop, and are working to address the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and please see our Network Status page for the latest updates.”

And here’s the page you’ll need to constantly hit F5 on so you can redeem that download code you got for Christmas once “the Nintendo eShop is down” is a thing of the past. Good luck!

I remember the days of getting a console and having it up and running without any online connectivity requirement. And IĀ also remember all of the advantages that came with said connectivity, and gettingĀ consoles after that, and having to do day one updates while the network was down. The PS2 and Xbox Live days were a wild time!

Chris Carter
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