These Singularity screenshots would make a nice flipbook

Apparently, while we’re not at DICE, Activision’s been showing off their upcoming first-person shooter, Singularity.

But just because we’re not there, it doesn’t mean we can’t look at these screens of the Raven Software-developed Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC title. As you might notice, some of them look alike. Well, that’s kind of the point. The idea is to show off the game’s key game mechanic, it’s hook — the Time Manipulation device, or the TMD. 

In one set of screens, you see one area shown across different periods of time. The effects are obvious from a visual standpoint, and pretty much what you’d expect. The other set of screens show the game’s enemy manipulation, presumably using the TMD’s “Age” functionality. You can see the enemy turn to dust and bones before crumpling into a pile before you. 

I haven’t grabbed the latest issue of Game Informer (February 2009), but apparently Singularity is all up on its cover. Anyone check it out? What do you think so far?

Nick Chester