These Red Dead Redemption characters need to bathe

We all wanna play cowboy, but no one said living the life was clean. Rockstar Games has released three new screenshots from the upcoming Red Dead Redemption, each depicting one of the game’s key non-player characters. Most of them, it seems, are in need of a good bath.

Take Seth Briars, pictured above. Driven insane by his infatuation with wealth, Briars will stop at nothing to get his hands on some coin… and that includes robbing graves apparently. Maybe someone should tell this dude that looking like you just crawled out of a hole doesn’t exactly exude riches; he might want to consider a new look.

After the jump you’ll find the dirty-looking fast talker Irish, who’s getting dunked into a trough by two other dirty looking fools. You’ll also meet Jimmy Saint, an East Coast journalist who… wait, this guy looks clean! East Coast journalism FTW!

Exclusive New Red Dead Redemption Screens: People of the West (Part Three) [Rockstar Games]


Jimmy Saint


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