These FFVII Remake Sailor Moon mod outfits are perfect

FFVII Remake Sailor Moon

Champions of Justice

Outfit unlocks (which eventually become free or paid DLC for the most part) rule. Every so often I’ll talk about the feeling of playing through say, an action game, and picking up drastically different outfits for party members: and it’s sort of indescribably fun to me.¬†That includes this FFVII Remake Sailor Moon mod from juijub.

Thankfully, PC modding has made the practice of outfit unlocks easier than ever. As in, you literally download a file for the FFVII Remake Sailor Moon mod, and boom! You get the fan-made equivalent of a $10 DLC during the Xbox 360 era. Wild, right? This mod takes the base concept of Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask, and applies them to Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud respectively. It’s quite the power trio, but the combo fits Aerith perfectly, from her move set even down to her hairstyle.

FFVII Remake Sailor Moon

So as usual, you can pick up the invisible weapon mod for Tifa from creator Narknon, which helps all Tifa costume mods sing. This hair color mod (also by juijub) lets you mix and match to fit the Sailor Moon costumes.

After this, be sure you check out the recent Final Fantasy X outfit mod!

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