There’s some new Spider-Man 2 footage in Across the Spider-Verse

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 prequel comic

Throughout the Spider-Verse

The latest Spidey film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse opened over the weekend. Amid the action, some have noticed gameplay footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 casually playing during one scene.

When this was pointed out, fans posted on Resetera about it. In response, as spotted by Eurogamer, Insomniac community director James Stevenson confirmed “it is new.”

It’s a relatively small, tucked-away cameo that appears on a television early in the movie. I saw Spider-Verse over the weekend and noticed some gameplay, but figured it was just a plug of some already seen footage. It’s hard to actually discern anything major out of it, aside from seeing some mechanical arms on Peter’s suit.

So while it’s a neat little easter egg, I don’t think you need to buy a movie ticket just to see some new gameplay.

Doing whatever a spider can

It’s not like we need new gameplay right away, anyways. We got a pretty big spotlight on the new Spider-Man game from Insomniac at the recent PlayStation Showcase. We saw both Peter and Miles, and how the game will swap between the two at key moments for its story.

Kraven, Lizard, and more also pop up during the spotlight too. It’s certainly not as laden with Spider-People as Across the Spider-Verse is, but it’s looking like Insomniac has a lot of Spidey action planned for this fall.

Meanwhile, while you shouldn’t pick up a ticket for the gameplay cameo, you should definitely still go see Across the Spider-Verse. It was an absolutely phenomenal achievement in animation and a great follow-up to one of my personal favorite super-hero films. It’s worth your time, with or without the Spider-Man 2 gameplay tease.

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