There is a Crackdown Xbox 360 theme you can spend money on

If you like shelling out money for JPEGs, then you’ll drop your trousers with delight with the news that a funky Crackdown theme is now available for your Xbox 360. It can be yours for the silly price of 240 Microsoft Points, and those who buy it are guaranteed to have something to look at for five seconds before getting bored.

I remenber when themes were not only cheaper, but better. It seems to be that these “premium” themes aren’t really very good, especially as half of the Xbox background is taken up by some big curved thing. The only place where premium themes look interesting is the the friends list, and even then, it’s much easier to use the Guide Button to look up friends, so it barely gets looked at. 

Again, I must say that paying more money for a lesser quality product is not a “new” Xbox Experience. Not new at all.

Jim Sterling