The Xbox Boys: Protectors of the orb

In what can only be described as a beautiful, yet fitting tribute to Xbox Live, The Xbox Boys lay it all on the line for the namesake that inspires them the most (any guesses?).

Brought together by fate, the new fab four are embarking on a mystical journey to spread the Xbox love to any fan within earshot. Putting aside notions of fame or personal glory, they have but one clear goal in mind — to uphold the three laws passed down to them by Grandfather

1. Uphold gaming integrity for all gamers of the world
2. Bring the power of the Xbox to all countries by performing and showcasing the games and consoles
3. Make sure that all age groups and all peoples of Earth have access to the X-Box console and to its games.

We shall have to wait and see if the true keeper of the orb, Bill Gates, deems them worthy of such a mission. In the meantime, you can find out more about the “chosen ones” at their web site, as well as another musical piece dedicated to Gears of War titled “Why won’t you die on insane?”

Whether you agree with the message or not, any band that rocks out with a Guitar Hero controller is pure win in my book.

[Thanks Godfree