The Witcher patch 1.5 strips DRM, also adds user content

The latest patch for The Witcher is a good one. In addition to adding five adventures created by the game’s dedicated fan base to the main game, Patch 1.5 eliminates the game’s copy protection and allows players to freely kill monsters without a disc. But, wait, that’s not all: CD Projekt RED has also solved the mystery behind those pesky EAX graphical bugs. A fix for that has been included in this patch as well.

Like we said, this patch was a good one.

In a recent blog posting, CD Projekt RED said that this patch is “the next stage of The Witcher’s life,” and also a means of expressing thanks to the game’s community who have been creating and sharing numerous adventures with the use of the D’jinni creation tools.

We’re guessing this isn’t the last time we’ll write a The Witcher story and talk about an officially endorsed patch carrying user-created levels, so if you’re interested, get to work. A Mr. Destructoid-themed labyrinth needs to happen.

[The Witcher blog via Kotaku]

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