The Wii Shark Gun

DealExtreme has a new Wiimote cradle called the Pega Shark Gun. It runs for $10.86 and is shaped like one of the greatest creature of the seas. The Shark Gun is basically just like any of the other Wii light gun add-ons (pointless, waste of money, etc) except that it looks like a Shark … and that you’re technically shoving a Nunchuk into a Shark’s ass.

I’m not a fan of these needless cradles coming out, but I just had to post about this once I saw it on Kotaku. For one thing, it will make shooting half naked chicks in Ghost Squad much more satisfying since you’re using a Dolphin gun in the game. Sure, the Dolphin isn’t anywhere near as amazing as a Shark, but it will just have to do.

And if you’re really wondering why I posted this, then you obviously don’t know that I’M A SHAARRRKKKK! 

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