The Wii gets a bit Naughty

No, this has nothing to do with the special “attachments” we told you about earlier.

Former Naughty Dog employees Jason Hughes and Andrew Gilmour have formed a new company called Steel Penny Games, and the Texas-based outfit is currently developing a WiiWare title.

We don’t know anything about this title other than it “blends a challenging puzzle game with dramatic fantasy environments and appealing characters,” and that they hope this will become a multi-game franchise. We should expect to see this title in mid-2008.

The Steel Penny guys seem to dig the whole WiiWare concept, saying that “It allows the risk burden to shift back onto the creative developers.”

I’ll tell you what I dig: a downloadable title that has the goal of becoming a franchise, and not some quick, cheap way to make money. I hope they manage to pull it off. Best of luck, Steel Penny Games.

[Via Next-Gen

Dale North