The Weekend Hotness: Things that happen in Japan

As Rey proved, anything can happen in Japan. You do us proud, Rey.

A ton more stuff from Tokyo Game Show flooded the site over the weekend. Plus, the Destructoid comic was updated, Super Street Fighter IV may have been revealed, Alpha Protocol got delayed and more awesome happened over the weekend.

TGS 09 Originals:
Darksiders VS Ninety Nine Nights 2: Ask Japan
People are waiting 150 minutes to play Halo: ODST
Day 3 in pictures: Bodies, Babes and Birds
The best year for RPG fans
So this totally happened at Tokyo Game Show

TGS 09 Previews:
Someone get Alan Wake a gun and a flashlight!
Like Ace Attorney? Try Ghost Trick
Hands on with echoshift

TGS 09 News:
Wii Classic Controller PRO headed for the US?
Ueda wants ICO, Shadow of the Colossus on PS3
PSN getting manga love come December
Kojima wanted MGS4 to have its own controller
Capcom -“RE4’s appeal was limited”
Scandal! Censorship! Underboob!
2GB is the new ceiling for XBLA games
YES, Mushihime-sama Futari IS region-free

TGS 09 Media: 
What damage looks like in Gran Turismo 5
Capcom’s Seth Killian demos Frank West in TvC
New screens from Raystorm HD on XBLA
God of War III trailer is full of rage
Resident Evil 5’s PS3 waggle controls in action
Koei Tecmo teases Fist of the North Star for 2010
Ninokuni trailer is gorgeous
Battlefield: BC 2 shows off its multiplayer
First look at RE 5: Alternative Edition’s extras
The first twenty minutes of RE:DC’s new scenario
Hands on with 4 Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy

Destructoid Originals:
Games of the week for 09/27/09: Sea anemone edition
The Videogame Show What I’ve Done: Moonwalker
Weekend Destructainment: Find that Triforce
Hey Ash, Whatcha Podcastin: One Fatty, One Choice
Best of the Network this week
The Destructoid Comic: Battle stations


My friends, we are now in the bright age of the “retro-revival” but I am sorry to say that I am not very pleased with what I see
Community blogs of 09/26 & 09/27/09

Forum of the day: Your game pitch

G.I Joe contest winner GET!
Last call: Play Shaiya to win a big sexy Alienware laptop
Greed is good: How Dtoid spent Dante’s $200 (update)
Here’s who won the PS3 Slim/Watchmen Goozex contest!
Reminder: Win Champions Online by being semi-heroic

Uncharted 2 demoed on the big screen


Is this a Super Street Fighter IV teaser site?
Borderlands will release on Steam, have extra features
Machinarium rolls out new trailer and release date
Rumor: Super Street Fighter IV accidentally revealed?
Survey hints at PlanetSide 2 coming
NA Club Nintendo gets some awesome Zelda love
A free LBP Norse pack from your favoritist weekend editor
Trent Reznor is BIASED against the PS3!
16,000 pieces of DLC will launch with the PSPgo
NFS: Shift crashing on Xbox 360, tries to access PSN!?
Shepard to be sexually assaulted by Subject Zero in ME2
Fugitive caught after stuffing DS games down his pants
Rumor: Alpha Protocol getting a major delay

More Dead Space: Extraction video to spook you
PSP ObsCure definitely lives up to its name

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