The Weekend Hotness: Rise from your grave

If you couldn’t figure it out by the various posts from Razak, it was Easter Sunday today. Happy Easter everyone. Good luck trying to sleep now after seeing Frankie the rabbit above!

Chad gave us the history of videogame bunnies, EA sends press illegal weapons, Bethesda and Blizzard make good ads, Jim reviewed Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and plenty more happened over the weekend.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Braid available on PC
Bethesda’s ‘Knights of the Nine’ DLC is their new model
Little Mac’s south paw can be yours
Fan-made Link’s Awakening remake may not be vaporware
Valkyria Chronicles may be getting a sequel
XBL Silver members get free Halo multiplayer this weekend
Disney + Nihilistic = crazy delicious?
EA sends illegal weapons to press, wants them back
Shining Force teaser site is up and teasing
Peter Moore brings quotes about the Wii on Easter
Made up game box art is better than Easter
id doesn’t think Wii development is justified this Easter
2K will celebrate your birthday, but not on Easter

Tour de France here we come
Insert inflamatory quote from gaming company headline here
Custom made Jack figure celebrates Easter with awesome
Katamari shows off its Easter Sunday best

Bethesda and Blizzard know how to sell you stuff
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits features songs you’ve heard
Killzone 2 DLC trailers and Easter

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