The Weekend Hotness: Mr. and Mrs. Raichu

If “I choose you, Pikachu” isn’t said at the wedding, then they are doing it wrong!

Jim gives us a guide to videogame bosses, we reviewed EyePet, Demon’s Souls sales were impressive, Modern Warfare 2 is kind of a big deal, OnLive could be on cell phones and more happened over the weekend.

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Phalanx coming to WiiWare, banjo accessory not confirmed
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Rockstar: Videogame violence controversy is silly
Captain Obvious: GTA V being developed
Survey suggests Evan Longoria will be MLB 2K10 coverboy
OnLive could be on cell phones as well
Russia bans Modern Warfare 2, recalls all copies of game
Get MechWarrior 4 for free maybe around Thanksgiving
Rumor: Dead Space 2 to have multiplayer
New Jersey breaks street date for AC II and L4D2
Rumor: God of War III to feature co-op
Tony Hawk RIDE dev looking for people to work on new game
Activision: Gamers ‘demand’ to pay more for Call of Duty
MW2’s Ghost possibly getting his own game

50 of the worst voice acting moments in gaming
Extremely lucky knife throw in Modern Warfare 2


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