The Weekend Hotness: Lazy arms

As Jim showed us this past weekend, anything cane be compared to Citizen Kane. You just have to forcefully shove it down people’s throat and they’ll eventually buy what you have to say.

QuakeCon schedule is live, there is wine all by the sea, moley moley moley, 50 Cent will be appearing in Modern Warfare 2 and plenty more happened over the weekend.

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50 Cent to be appearing in Modern Warfare 2
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Six Days in Fallujah developer ‘pretty much dead’
Dragon Quest IX gets torn apart, Square Enix shrugs it off
MMO documentary, Second Skin, available on Hulu
Dragon Age: Origins delayed until November
Madden 10 is loaded with micro-transactions
Secrets abound in NES Punch Out!!, here’s one
Guitar Hero 5 allows for track imports
Rhianna Pratchett: Cutscenes are still important
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Video: How NOT to play fighting games
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This kid is better at multitasking than you
Spyborgs trailer teases some solid action
Rise of the Triad coming to iPhone
How to turn your enemy into your weapon in Crystal Bearers
Wii Remotes help you feel holograms
Warlock of Firetop Mountain gets new screenshots: Rawr Rawr
Lead & Gold features Wild West shootouts, barrel holding
Check out MX vs ATV Reflex’s Rider Reflex feature

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