The Weekend Hotness: Hunters

As seen on Weekend Destructainment: Damn Hunters.

We gave you another exclusive look at Comic Jumper, Conrad reviewed Dead Rising 2, Jonathan checked out From Dust, some Duke Nukem Forever footage got leaked out and more happened over the weekend.

Destructoid Originals:
Exclusive: Comic Jumper has the best special attack ever
Weekend Destructainment: Never turn your back on a Hunter


The Ronathon charity event is happening today!

Quantum Theory
Delve Deeper
Dead Rising 2

The return of a master: Eric Chahi’s From Dust
Hands-on: Pokemon White

Contest: Win Enslaved artwork and other goodies!

GOG having a 50 percent off sale on community faves
Fallout: New Vegas is done (also, PC specs)
Just Cause two stats are a little bit crazy
The Art of Sierra to collect… the art of Sierra
Bushnell: No one over the age of eight will play DS
PS3 not getting a Rock Band 3 keyboard bundle
NBA Jam on PS3 and 360 ‘trying to get it all in there’
PS3 losing ground as dominant Blu-ray player
15,000 Halo: Reach cheaters get credits reset

Jace Hall raps about Street Fighter
Sonic Fan Remix shakes up Emerald Hill: Act 1

FlatOut returns on the Wii and with plenty of screens
This Fist of the North Star gameplay is already dead
Smackdown vs. Raw vid: Big men in motion capture suits
Duke Nukem Forever gameplay: drawing a cock

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