The Weekend Hotness: Hubba hubba hubba

Whoever thought redoing those old classic photos of Lara with the new model is a genius. Which version of Lara do you all prefer?

Jim talks about videogame characters that he would have sex with, Weekend Destructainment was indestructible, Anthony reviewed Battlefield Heroes, new No More Heroes 2 details emerge, Nathan Fillion plays the Halos and plenty more happened this past weekend.

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Battlefield Heroes

Pratchett says gaming is still lacking in writing
Natal + PS3 wand = crappy third party plastic crap
Facts, inFamous has them
Aliens RPG gets final nail in the coffin
Rumor: Sony to start working on a gaming phone
MMOs on consoles face many problems
BlazBlue DLC jumps the gun, sucks crocodile nuts
Get 12 months of Xbox Live for $27.99
Analyst says Sony’s motion control beats Natal
Latin is awesome: Memento Mori gets a release date
Why you can’t play Hulu on your PS3
No More Heroes 2 details emerge, courtesy of Nintendo Power
NBA Live 10 will improve, dev promises
Capcom has a teaser site with 1560 on it
June 29 is still not MvC2’s release date
Get Michael Jackson’s Thriller for free on Xbox Live
Everquest and Everquest II getting expansions
Halo Avatar clothes spotted
Rumor: 1 vs. 100 out of beta and giving prizes next week
Math shows that Wolfenstein will have 1,638 kills

UK store using fighting games to sell clothes
Nathan Fillion plays the Halos
Tiger plays his own game as well as he plays the U.S. Open
New Lara Croft poses make old Lara look like a bobble head
There Will Be Brawl shows us a very troubled Waluigi

Blood and gore: The Punisher: No Mercy has plenty of it

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